CALL FOR PAPERS: BOOK Digital diplomacy Challenges and opportunities

In this twenty-first century of digitalization, the world is changing and its impact on international life is unlimited. Digitalization is influencing the international society and imposing new challenges on international actors (states, international organizations, NGOs, and transnational corporations). Nowadays, it offers new opportunities for international and bilateral cooperation, and it reinforces the role of the emergent actors within... Lire la suite

2016 - Economic, Social and Cultural rights (ESCRs) and the internet

Launch date: December 9th at the IGF Mexico   The 46 country reports gathered here illustrate the link between the internet and economic, social and cultural rights (ESCRs). Some of the topics will be familiar to information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) activists: the right to health, education and culture; the socioeconomic empowerment of women using the internet; the inclusion of rural and... Lire la suite

La scène et les coulisses

Aziz Hasbi signe un passionnant deuxième récit autobiographique. En lisant cet ouvrage, on a l’impression de sortir avec une somme de leçons et une certaine maturité. C’est un livre qui interpelle son lecteur et l’amène à se poser des questions et à évaluer son propre itinéraire.  C’est une réflexion édifiante et une source... Lire la suite

Call for chapters: Book “Civil society and democracy in the age of social media”

Civil society is an essential actor in the democracy process in this 21 century. Arab spring has proven that the civil society activists confirm their capacity to make change. The evolution of the concept and practice of democracy is linked with the strengthening of the role of civil society As a context for civic education and the expression of citizens’ voices, civil society is a potential place for critical opinions and... Lire la suite