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CALL FOR PAPERS: BOOK Artificial Intelligence and Digital Diplomacy: Challenges and opportunities

In this twenty-first century of digitalization, the world is changing and its impact on international life is unlimited. Digitalization is influencing the international society and imposing new challenges on international actors (states, international organizations, NGOs, and transnational corporations). Nowadays, it offers new opportunities for international and bilateral cooperation, and it reinforces the role of the emergent actors within global governance. Digitalization facilitates the inclusion of all actors in global issues.

This explains the emergence of new phenomena, such as e-diplomacy and how diplomats and international actors in general are more open to each other and also to the individuals.

Related to these issues, the Institut International de la Recherche Scientifique is preparing the edition of the book Digital diplomacy: Challenges and opportunities to be edited in Morocco this year.

Key topics:

  • Digital society and diplomacy;

  • The social media as a diplomatic resource;

  • Challenges imposed by digitalization to the diplomats;

  • How digital diplomacy impact relation among countries;

  • Digital resources and conflict resolution in the international context;

  • Digital society and transparency in diplomatic issues;

  • How digitalization can be invested to achieve diplomatic goals?

  • Information society and access to sources for diplomatic issues;

  • Technological sovereignty as a goal of diplomats;

  • Social development and cyber diplomacy.

Around the world, researchers and practitioners are invited to submit on or before June 15, 2020 four paragraph proposal explaining the mission and concerns of the proposed chapter and one short CV. Qualitative or quantitative studies and theoretical essays are welcome. Authors of accepted papers will be notified no more than July 30. The chapters’ guidelines will be send at that time. Full chapters must be submitted by September 30, 2020.

Editor: Fatima Roumate, President, IIRS, Morocco. E mail:



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