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International Media Research Symposium: From Traditional to Digital (IMRS)

International Media Research Symposium: From Traditional to Digital (IMRS) Ege University /Antalya AKEV University ​10-11 May 2018 Izmir / TURKEY

Today’s societies are composed of media tools that are active in every moment and sphere of daily life, as well as individuals who gain advanced communication skills through the use of these tools. Radically changing our lifestyles, everyday habits, and activities in private and public spaces, media are at the core of academic studies. Digital media contribute significantly in the contemporary skills of creating and transmitting images, sounds and texts. This contribution is reinforced by the great possibilities available for storing data, images and documents. Thus, digital media tools, which go beyond being daily habits, become an extension of the human body, providing a constant and effective field of interaction. Aware of the field’s effective interaction capabilities, traditional media tools try to become involved in it through hashtags, audience questions and comments, video footage of every day people or films and publishing insights reflected on digital platforms. This symposium aims to create an academic environment that will enable us to deal with media through the axis of traditional and digital, in a multidimensional way. For this purpose, the following topics could be evaluated in terms of traditional and digital media tools. IMRS aims to provide a scientific platform for sharing and discussion in the fields of traditional and digital media with participants from different countries. At the same time, the symposium offers opportunities to learn about contemporary developments in media research, research methods, digital applications, and research models within the contexts of traditional and digital media. The symposium is bilingual, and papers can be presented either in English or Turkish. Symposium will bring together academicians, researchers, practitioners and post-graduate students and provide opportunities to exchange information and share experiences, studies, new ideas, research findings and conclusions on related issues. We invite you to participate in our symposium to share your expertise, experiences and research findings in the field of media research. We appreciate your valuable contributions to hold a productive meeting and hope to be together with you. Prospective Symposium Themes Media Economy and Media Politics

  • Media and Politics

  • Media and Environment

  • Development and Transformation of Journalism

  • Principles of Ethics and Law in Media

Sociology of Media

  • Media and Social Movements

  • Media and Violence

  • Media and Gender

  • Media and Freedom of Expression

Media and Education

  • Digital Games

  • Media Literacy

  • Media and Children

Media and the ‘Other’

  • Media and Representation of Minorities

  • Representation of the Disabled in the Media

  • Media and Discrimination

Media and Visual Communication

  • Photography

  • Visual Communication Design

  • Dramaturgy in Visual Arts

  • Scenography

  • Animation

Media and Ideology

  • Media and the Culture of Fear

  • Media and Audience Research

  • Intertextuality and Media

  • Stereotypes in the Media

  • Media and Religion

New Media

  • New Media and Art

  • Technology and Space in Traditional and New Media

  • Privacy and Security in the New Media

Documentary Films

  • Traditional Documentaries

  • Television Documentaries

  • Documentaries in the Digital Space

Radio Broadcasting from Past to Present The Sections

  • Research

  • Conferences

  • Publications

  • Training courses




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