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Moroccan and Finnish Women’s Forum 2017

nstitut International de la Recherche Scientifique And The Embassy of Finland in Rabat Moroccan and Finnish Women’s Forum 2017 Marrakech, Morocco 18 – 19 October 2017 ​Call for Participation

The Moroccan and Finish Women’s Forum 2017 will take place on the centenary of the independence of Finland. MFWF 2017 aims to empower women to increase their influence, build partnerships, and expand their business opportunities, fostering collaboration and networking to encourage constructive change benefitting women in all aspects of life. MFWF 2017 also welcomes men who support the cause of women's leadership in any field.


The work of participants will determine the Forum’s program. Anyone interested in participating is free to propose any topic pertaining to Moroccan and Finish societies. Themes of special interest include but are not limited to:

  • Women in politics

  • Women in academia

  • Women entrepreneurs

  • Women and technology

Application Deadline: August 20, 2017

Paper proposals will be accepted on a first come, first served basis through the application deadline. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Decisions will be based on relevance to the Forum topics. Notification will be sent within 8 days following receipt of submission. Final Paper Deadline: September 20, 2017

Scientific Committee

Dr. Sari Stenfors Augmented Leadership Institute - San Francisco, California, USA

Dr. Fatima Roumate Institut International de la Recherche Scientifique Marrakech, Morocco

Dr. Tuomo Melasuo TAPRI Tempere, Finland

Dr. Karin Creutz University of Helsinki Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Sylvia Akar University of Helsinki Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Anitta Kynsilehto University of Tempere Tempere, Finland

Dr. Abdelilah El Abdi University Mohamed V Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Miloud Loukili University Mohamed V Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Ahmed Mhadarha University Cadi Ayyad Marrakech, Morocco

Dr. Hayat KertaouiUniversity Cadi Ayyad Marrakech, Morocco

Dr. Khadija Alaoui Yousfi University Cadi Ayyad Marrakech, Morocco

Dr. Zakia Merini University Cadi Ayyad Marrakech, Morocco

Dr. My Mamoun Merini University Cadi Ayyad Marrakech, Morocco

Dr. Nadia El Haouasse University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Fez, Morocco

Instructions for Authors

  • A4-sized paper

  • Left/right margins: 2 cm

  • Alignment: Left

  • No page numbers, headers, or footers

  • Spacing: single

  • Font: Time New Roman

    • Title: 14 pt.bold

    • Subtitles: 12 pt.bold

    • Text: 12 pt.


Papers presented at the conference will be published in the official ISBN conference proceedings. Only submissions approved for presentation at the Forum will be considered for publication. Presenters who wish to have their papers published in the official conference proceedings must submit the final draft by September 20, 2017. Proceedings submissions should be sent by E-mail as an MS Word attachment to: and Submissions received after this date or in a format other than instructed will NOT be published. Early submissions are strongly recommended to allow time for review and any necessary communication between editors and authors.


Who can participate? The Forum particularly welcomes:

  • Women serving in elected roles who wish to share their experiences in governance and who seek new connections between Morocco and Finland;

  • - Teams looking for an opportunity to deliver a technical presentation, discuss an issue of interest to technical women, or publicize their technical work;

  • Women researchers interested in sharing their work or success stories;

  • Women entrepreneurs who would like to communicate how they are effecting change and who want to connect with and inspire others;

  • Women who have ideas about leveraging this Forum to enhance its positive impact on the partnership between Morocco and Finland.

May men participate? YES! Men are very important to the development and advancement of women’s leadership. All voices add value to the conversation.



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